The Problem with Alcohol-Based Sanitizers

The Problem with Alcohol-Based Sanitizers

When Covid-19 erupted, immediate defense measures were necessary. Alcohol-based sanitizers were the initial solution to fill the immediate need for a sanitizer. But alcohol-based sanitizers come with unknown long-term consequences and other potential issues.

All alcohols are toxic.

Methyl alcohol-based sanitizers have now been banned. They are simply too dangerous for humans, animals, and the environment.

The remaining common alcohol sanitizers are Ethyl based. Ethyl alcohol is also toxic to humans and animals. Ethyl alcohol is not food safe. Ethyl alcohol can be processed by our livers as long as the alcohol entering into our body is sufficiently slow that our livers can process it.

The problem we face today is that we are now being exposed on a day-to-day basis to these alcohol-based sanitizers. There is insufficient scientific data to show that the use these toxic alcohol-based products is safe and free from long-term negative health consequences. We believe that limiting their use the safest policy.

Another immediate problem with alcohol-based sanitizer is that it over dries the hands and causes other contact skin problems. Many alcohol-based sanitizer producers mix various ingredients into their products to help reduce over-drying and this leads to the issue of sticky residues.

Effective alcohol-based sanitizers are 70% or more alcohol by volume and are therefore highly flammable. The risk is obvious and could even lead to a potential rise in insurance rates. Our hypochlorous acid product is 99.50% electrolyzed water. It is not flammable and could in fact be used to extinguish a fire.

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The Problems with Alcohol-Based Sanitizers