The easiest way to clean and improve the effectiveness of your face mask

The CDC and WHO recommend cleaning your face mask after every use. Our all natural mask cleaning spray helps eliminate viruses and bacteria that lead to infections and reduces the chance of maskne.



The safe, fast and easy way to clean your mask. Simply spray the inside and outside of your mask before and after and you will benefit from a clean fresh mask when next time comes around.

We know that keeping yourself safe from viruses and germs is important, but sometimes life gets busy and it becomes difficult for people to take the extra time to keep everyone safe and always have access to a clean mask.

Our Face Mask Cleaner can be used on all types of face masks including: cloth masks, disposable masks, N95 masks and surgical masks.

Our product is an easy solution that can help everybody in their daily routines to stay safe.


Pure Defender Spray Mask Cleaner is made from safe, natural ingredients that can help eliminate viruses and bacteria. There are no harsh chemicals or smells involved with our product. Our easy to use spray bottle can be carried in pockets, purses, left at the office or in the car so it’s always ready to go. Use it anywhere and at any time to keep yourself healthy while wearing a face mask.


Pure Defender Mask Spray Cleaner is the only product that targets the bacteria, dirt and contaminants on your mask that contribute to acne. We know how hard it is to prevent clogged pores while having to wear face masks for prolonged periods of time. A clean mask will help prevent breakouts.

It’s easy to use – simply spray it onto your face mask before use.

For more face cleaning and acne prevention products visit our partners at Nayelle Natural Probiotic Skincare.

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